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About Me

Hi, I’m Megan, a proud Canadian who grew up in Toronto back when the Rogers Centre was The Skydome and the city was known as the T.Dot. I am a self-employed work at home mum and wife with a passion for travel. My favourite things include breakfast foods, the ocean, steak-frites, Paris, live music, and, of course, travelling.    

When I’m not working I enjoy spending my time online researching potential travel plans. I prefer destinations with natural scenery, wildlife, and simple flavours, although I do have a soft spot for the atmosphere in European cities, especially Paris.

I have travelled extensively throughout France, Italy, and Jamaica, and have visited several other countries. While at home in Canada, I love exploring our country by planning day trips, short weekend getaways, and camping trips.

My choice of accommodations, restaurants, and activities reflects my modest travel style. While I wouldn’t consider myself a budget traveller, I don’t fall into the luxury category either.  What I am is an ordinary person who is mindful with money. While I travel I aim to get the best value for my money but I will never deny myself once in a lifetime opportunities just to save a few dollars.

I live vicariously through my parents, who have travelled all over the world, and continue to do so now that they are in their 70s. In recent years they have climbed Macchu Picchu, visited Angor Wat, and travelled through Patagonia, not to mention countless months spent vacationing in Europe.

My Canadian Passport aims to inspire people to travel by sharing valuable information about the places I know and love. Plus, there will also be tidbits from my parents’ journeys (which are undoubtedly much more exciting than my own.)

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