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Traditional sap collection at a Quinte Area Sugar Bush

Quinte Area Maple Sugar Bushes to Visit this Spring

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Every spring, visitors are welcomed to maple sugar bushes all around the Quinte area.  The following farms open their Sugar Shacks to give guests a first-hand look at traditional and/or modern maple syrup production methods and invite them to stroll along the trails to see the tapped Maple trees.

Many local sugar bushes also participate in annual maple festivals such as Maple in the County, which is held in nearby Prince Edward County. During these events, guests can enjoy pancake breakfasts, petting zoos, wagon rides, maple treats and samples from local wineries, breweries and cideries.

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Quinte & Area Sugar Bushes – Prince Edward County

Sweetwater Cabin/Hubbs Sugarbush

332 Pulver Road, Carrying Place, ON 613-966-8997

Quinte Area Maple Sugar Bush
Quinte Area Maple Sugar Bush

Hosts: Ron and Janice Hubbs

2009 Quinte Maple Hall of Fame inductee Hubbs sugarbush is a small scale maple syrup producer located just outside Quinte, in north-western Prince Edward County. Established in 1975, the Hubbs sugarbush has over 100 trees per acre on the property and taps over 800 maple trees each spring. Their quality maple syrup is produced using traditional methods and can be purchased onsite in the Sweetwater Cabin, a lovingly restored log cabin that sells a variety of maple treats and maple-themed products all throughout the year.

Fosterholm Farms

2234 County Rd. 18, Picton, ON  613-393-5655

Hosts: Clifford, Dean and Rylan Foster

Established in 1924, Fosterholm Farms is one of the oldest maple sugar bushes in the Quinte area. If possible, plan your visit during Maple in the County, when visitors are invited to the sugar shack for homemade pancakes with an ongoing supply of maple syrup, after walking through the sugarbush for a first-hand look at their impressive 7500 tap set-up. Fosterholm Farms products, including maple syrup, maple butter and maple candy are available year-round, along with seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables.

Sugarbush Vineyards

1286 Wilson Road, Hillier, ON 613-399-9000

Traditional sap collection at a Quinte Area Sugar Bush
Traditional sap collection at a Quinte Area Sugar Bush

Hosts: Rob & Sally Peck

Sugarbush Vineyards is one of Prince Edward County’s lovely wineries, as well as a small-scale maple syrup producer.  Using traditional methods, they tap roughly 150 sugar maples each year. During the spring sap is collected and boiled over an open fire, producing about 50 litres of maple syrup. On Maple in the County weekend, visitors are able to hike out to the sugarbush, watch the sap being boiled, sample maple goodies, and taste wines produced exclusively from the Sugarbush Vineyards.

Waupoos Estates Winery & Sugarbush

3013/3016 County Rd. 8, Waupoos, ON 613-476-8338

Waupoos Estates Winery & Sugarbush is located on the eastern shores of Prince Edward County overlooking Lake Ontario. Known as one of the best wineries in the region, Waupoos Estates also produces its own maple syrup. Since 1997 they have been tapping 1500 sugar maples on the property, making a top-quality syrup to sell year-round.

Roblin’s Maple Syrup

499 County Road 35, Picton, ON 613-476-3134

Maple Syrup from one of the sugar bushes in the Quinte Area
Maple Syrup from one of the sugar bushes in the Quinte Area

Host: Phil, Brittany Roblin and family

In 2005, Roblin’s Maple Syrup began producing maple syrup overlooking the shores of Long Reach in Prince Edward County.  Combining traditional methods and state of the art equipment, Roblin’s maple syrup is produced using reverse osmosis and an energy-efficient evaporator. With about 1100 tapped maple trees, Roblin’s Maple Syrup is able to sell maple syrup and maple syrup products year-round.

Vader’s Maple Syrup

1260 County Rd. 18, Cherry Valley, ON  613-476-7537

Hosts: Todd and Susan Vader

Vader’s Maple Syrup Farm is a pioneer of maple syrup production in Prince Edward County. In operation since 1910, this farm has evolved with the times. Now a 2800 tap facility, Vader’s use modern equipment to boil maple sap and produce Grade-A syrup. There is also antique equipment and vintage photographs on display at the farm which provides insight into the history of Vader’s maple syrup.

Walt’s Sugar Shack

1671 Salem Rd., Consecon, ON 613-965-6381

Maple treats at one of the Quinte Area maple sugar bushes
Maple treats at one of the Quinte Area maple sugar bushes

Hosts: Karen and Brian Walt

In 2000, Walt’s Sugar Shack began making maple syrup using traditional methods from roughly 40 sugar maples. By 2013, production had increased significantly due to the addition of nearly 1000 more taps and a new wood-fired evaporator. From February until April visitors are invited to Walt’s Sugar Shack to walk the trails and shop for a variety of maple products.

Justin’s Maple Syrup

254 County Road 32, Picton, ON 613-484-8301

Host: Justin Williams

Justin’s Maple Syrup was established in 2005, in Picton, Ontario. Each spring, Justin taps around 500 trees using a pipeline vacuum system that allows for the sap to flow to the sugar shack where it undergoes the boiling process, producing roughly 500 litres of maple syrup. Each year during Maple in the County, visitors are able to explore the sugarbush and sample several grades of maple syrup.

Nyman Farms

292 Mowbray Rd., Picton, ON 613-476-6120

Hosts: John, Michelle, Shea and family

Nyman Farms has been producing maple syrup for over 25 years on 78-acres of farmland outside of Picton in Prince Edward County. They use a high-quality pipeline system and tap an impressive 5000 trees annually. Each spring during Maple in the County, the sugar shack opens for visitors to watch the sap boil and be transformed into high-quality syrup. Nyman Farms is especially well-loved by families with children who enjoy playing in the sandbox and meeting the baby barnyard animals.

Loha Farms

153 Lucks Crossroad, Picton, ON 613-827-5754

Hosts: Jessie & Chris Armstrong

Established in 2012, Loha Farms is a family-owned and operated farm located in Prince Edward County. Open to the public, this small hobby farm produces maple syrup, grows fresh produce and raises barn animals.

Koopmans Maple Mountain

2275 County Rd. 8 Picton, ON  613-961-9304

Maple cookie, a popular treat at the Quinte Area maple sugar bushes
Maple cookies, a popular treat at the Quinte Area maple sugar bushes

For more than 20 years, award-winning maple syrup has been produced at Koopmans Maple Mountain. This family-run sugar bush in Prince Edward County Ontario has roughly 900 taps and uses modern equipment to gather and boil the maple sap.  At their sugar shack, visitors are invited to sample all four grades of maple syrup along with maple candy and maple butter. Depending on the season there are also live syrup making demonstrations and self-guided tours through the sugarbush.

Strictly Maple

20811 Loyalist Parkway, Consecon, ON 613-242-6313

Strictly Maple was established in 2009 in beautiful Prince Edward County Ontario. They currently have 1000 taps and market their maple products locally.

Quinte & Area Maple Sugar Bushes – Hastings County

Three Maples Sugar Camp

1954 Old Marmora Rd. Madoc, ON  613-473-2521

Hosts: The Dennis Family

Three Maples Sugar Camp is a large-scale maple syrup producer between Marmora and Madoc Ontario. Owned by the Dennis Family, the business has been in operation for over 50 years.

Three Maples Sugar Camp has roughly 2000 taps in their 100-acre sugar bush. Their state of the art facility uses a gravity-fed, pipe collection system to collect the sap which is then transported in an old fire truck to the sugar shack. Once there, they use a reverse osmosis machine and a stainless steel intense-o-fire evaporator to produce Maple Syrup ranging from light to Amber.  Three Maples Sugar Camp is always open to welcome visitors for a tour, a demonstration, and a sampling of their award-winning maple syrup.

O’Hara Sugar Maples

17 Reynolds Rd, RR 1  Madoc, ON 613-473-6780
Sugar House Address: 871 Harts Road

Hosts: Stephen & Heather Needham

O’Hara Sugar Maples was established in 1983 just north of Madoc, Ontario. Specializing in maple syrup and other edible maple treats, O’Hara Sugar Maples invites visitors to explore their sugar bush and visit their sugar shack. Upon entering, visitors will drive the windy road through the sugar bush for a firsthand look at the maple sap flowing along modern vacuum tubing. Once at the sugar camp, the state of the art equipment and unique collection of antiques on display inside the Sugar House will undoubtedly impress everyone who stops by.  It is advisable to call before visiting for more information regarding their hours of operation.

Bata Maples Sugarbush

Hosts: Frank and Karen Haveman

254 Bata Road, RR#1 Frankford, ON 613-398-6405

Bata Maples Sugarbush sits on a 75 acres property outside the village of Batawa, Ontario. Since opening in 2010, they have expanded to include 1200 taps on a gravity-fed pipeline and a newly constructed sugar shack. Throughout the boiling season, Bata Maples Sugarbush offers both individual and group tours.

Taps Maples

27 Cromwell Rd Madoc, ON  613-922-0207

Hosts: The Frank’s Family

New to maple syrup production, Taps Maples began tapping trees in 2013. This small-scale operation in Hastings County features a newly constructed sugar house and uses modern vacuum tubing, a reverse osmosis machine and a 2×8 evaporator to produce quality maple syrup. When the sap is running, Taps Maples is open for visitors to tour the facility, learn about the syrup making process, and sample maple butter, maple sugar and maple syrup.

Trillium Ridge Sugarworks / Mah Kwan Kadeek

Hosts: Terry & Vickie Gervais

254 Maple Sugar Road Shannonville, ON  613-396-5141

Since the 1840s, the 430-acre sugar bush at Trillium Ridge has been producing top-quality maple syrup in Hastings County. Operated by the Gervais family for nearly 40 years, what began as a small operation with 150 buckets has steadily increased to include over 9000 taps. An intricate system of vacuum tubing transports the sap through the forest to a tank in the sugar shack where it is boiled using two evaporators. Visitors are welcome to tour the sugar bush, watch syrup making demonstrations, and indulge in maple flavoured delicacies at Trillium Ridge Sugarworks from February through early April.  It’s advisable to call before visiting to ensure the sap is flowing.

Quinte & Area Maple Sugar Bushes – Northumberland County

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Sandy Flat Sugar Bush and Pancake House

500 Concession Rd. 3. W. Warkworth, ON 705-924-2057

Hosts: Chris & Robin Clark

Located in Warkworth, Ontario, Sandy Flat Sugar Bush operates a large scale maple syrup production facility and a Pancake House. Open daily during the March Break and on weekends until the end of April, Sandy Flat Sugar Bush features activities for the whole family. Highlights include tours of the sugarbush, walking trails, wagon or horse-drawn sleigh rides, and a museum of old-fashioned syrup making artifacts. They also demonstrate both modern and traditional maple syrup production techniques.

Curle’s Maple Products

726 8th Line W, RR 4 Campbellford, ON  705-653-2519

Hosts: Marc & Diane Curle

Curle’s Maple Products outside Campbellford, Ontario has been producing maple syrup and other maple goods since 1862. Open year-round, visitors are able to enjoy self-guided tours of the Sugar Shack and learn about modern and traditional maple syrup production. There is also a Maple Museum and samples of pure maple products. Curle’s Maple Products may be closed on Sundays during the offseason. Come by chance or call ahead.


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